A Year In Review | Blogging Advice

To start 2016, I thought I would post my most popular posts thus far. 

I got this idea from another blogger {here}.

1) Misc Graduation Post

I have NO IDEA why this post is so popular. It has almost


! I am thinking maybe the last two pictures?! If you found my blog through this post, I would love to hear why :)

2) Random Sunday Post

Again, no idea. Maybe the before and after hair pictures.

The next three don't really surprise me. People love beauty posts. That's how I originally found blogging. My one lipstick picture has over 2K views; Pinterest does a horrible job of telling you how many total times your original photo was repinned. I have always had the hardest time finding the right lipstick shade so I knew I had to share when I found a few!

3) Drug Store Lipstick | Colors for Fair Skinned Blondes

4) My Favorite Drug Store Lipsticks

5) My Favorite Lipsticks

I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you about a few of my goals for the new year. As I look back on my adult life,all so much of it has been consumed by pharmacy. I spent 7 years going to school to become a pharmacist and I am now doing a 1 year pharmacy residency. I have sacrificed so much of my life for my dream, my goal. Here are a few:

  1. Health: both physical and mental. I have treated my body like crap... ate junk food, sweets, I gained 10 pounds then lost it, repeatedly. I pushed myself to the brink so far that I started having panic attacks and anxiety. I've dealt with depression multiple times along the way.

  2. Beauty: I have been so horrible to my skin. I haven't done any anti-aging. I popped a million of my zits. I have a few varicose-like veins on my legs.

  3. Hobbies: I currently work 50+ hours a week and spent a vast majority of my time during the past 5 years either in school or working.

I became a pharmacist because I want to have a certain lifestyle. I also didn't want to have to get married to have children or support myself. In 6 short months, I will be done with pharmacy residency and hopefully have a good paying job. 2016 is going to be my year; I refuse to let it be anything else. So many of my years, over the years, have been bad years. But not 2016. Even if a million horrible things happen, I plan on spending all of my time and energy doing things that make me happy, focusing on myself. That may sound selfish, and it probably is, but I worked hard for my career (8 years). I don't have pets, children, or a boyfriend because I knew I couldn't devote the time to them. I've set myself up to be selfish and I going to take complete advantage of it.

My goals for 2016 include:

  1. Spending more quality time blogging, traveling, exploring, eating out... enjoying my life.

  2. Buying things that I desperately need: a computer, new cameras (point and shoot and a DSLR), possibly a new car.

  3. Decorate my apartment or even better possibly buy a house. Why put money into something that isn't my own? And I'm sick of buying crappy stuff for my house because I don't want to spend the money and I don't know where I will be in a year. I want to set down roots and invest into my own place.

  4. Get fit. This is my main goal right now. I have let myself go. My co-resident and I talked about how we haven't been skinny since we started pharmacy school. I thought about blogging this journey and I think I'm going to. I want people to be able to see progress is possible and you don't have to starve yourself to do it.

  5. Get Lasik eye surgery or something to that effect. I have had impaired vision since, I believe, middle school. I am -4.0 in each eye, which means if you are looking at an eye chart, I can barely read the 4th line down. I can't see anything without contacts or glasses. Glasses are a pain (so many reasons) and my eyes are starting to become so dry that I can barely wear contacts without looking like I'm on drugs.

  6. Spend more time on beauty. I need to get more massages, relax, get my varicose vein looked it. I want to get a prescription for retinols, anti-aging cream. Spend more time treating my skin with the respect it deserves ;) This includes drinking more water!

Do you have any big plans for 2016?!