Updated Makeup Routine

For my first Beauty Tuesday post I decided to share a recent beauty haul.

A couple things have happened to my beauty routine.

First, I decided to give up on {100% Pure Black Tea Mascara}. I love the whole concept of chemical free, but I cannot get past the fact that this mascara burns my eyes. Maybe I am the only person this happens to but it's too much work to spend all day worrying about my eyes watering... Forget when I wash my face at night! I've decided to switch back to my favorite mascara,

 {Define-A-Lash by Maybelline}. My mom recently told me that she doesn't like the spider look (layers and layers of thick mascara) so I am trying a more natural approach. This mascara coats and separates your lashes, enhancing them, but not overwhelming your eyes. I'll have to post a before and after to see what you guys think!

Two, I finally broke down and bought {Nars Sheer Glow Foundation}. I wear the color Siberia, as you can probably guess by my fair skin. I was using {Clinqiue Acne Solutions Foundation} in Fresh Alabaster, the lightest color they had - I do see they have a new lighter color now - BUT Fresh Alabaster was a little dark/orange on me. So far I am loving the Nars Foundation, although sometimes I feel like I look like I am wearing a lot of makeup. I wish my acne would just go away so I could go natural and not wear any foundation or concealer! *sigh*

Three, I've started using a sponge to put on concealer and foundation. MIRACLE in the form of a little pink ball - if you can really call it that... Seriously what is that shape? Ha! I will never use anything again (strong words, I know) to put on my concealer or foundation. The key to the sponge is to tab not rub. The first time I tried the sponge, I rubbed it around like a brush, and threw the darn thing across the room. It wasn't working because I wasn't using it right. Dab, dab, dab - your arm will get sore - but eventually it will cover your face like magic; like I said MIRACLE applicator. Get one! ;)

Four, I've started using loose powder. I LOVE my {Maybelline's Fit Powder} in Light aka Porcelain  but the new {Eco Tools Large Powder Brush} that I am using will not take up enough of the powder. I kept rubbing the brush in the powder but it wasn't working! Annoyed and frustrated, I decided to try {CoverGirl's Loose Powder} in Fair or Light... I will check and update this post tonight. It does work A LOT better but I would have to say this powder is, yeah you guessed it, a little orange on me. I just use a little and it seems to work well enough though.... I'm too cheap and lazy to try something else right now.

Lastly, not pictured but I've started using more browns on my eyes (shadow, liner, etc). And I've honestly been loving the way it's looking. I think browns are a lot more natural and soft for blondes. They still give me enough of a "pop" so I don't look like a boy - haha no joke, without any makeup, I have blonde eyelashes and I think sometimes it makes me look like a boy - but not so much that my makeup, or my face, looks harsh.

Well, that was my first beauty Tuesday! I really enjoy [so far] having themed days for posts. I feel like it is keeping me on track. Have you updated or changed your makeup routine lately?! I would love to hear! I'm always up to try something new! :)