Dying Your Roots Blonde

Last weekend I decided to get my hair dyed for the FIRST time at a salon! It's been dyed before, but by my mom at home. I've been using the same person (thanks mom!) and same color for YEARS now so I was so scared to try someone new...

BEFORE (sorry I don't have the best before photo)

BUT I am in LOVE with how it turned out. I searched online and found a beauty school. From there I scrolled through their Instagram photos until I found a person I liked, {Sydney}! She graduated from the school but I was able to track her down at her new location {The Electric Chair}. 

Even though it took 2 hours, it was such a great way to end 12 days in a row of work! Ahhhh I'm seriously obsessed with it and LOVE looking in my mirror every day :)