Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen

I don't know if this is a Welcome Home Wednesday (WHW?) or a Saturday Haul BUT I went shopping. I just bought some towels and kitchen things, a candle, the usual! What am I going to do when my house is completely decorated?! Hauls are so fun though!

This is a Target haul. I bought a drying cloth? It's thicker than a towel and I assumed it's specifically made for drying. It's gray and cute and fits perfectly where I used to have towels. It looks more like it belongs there than a crappy towel, and by there I mean my counter. I also bought the cutest towels and dish rags! Grey, white, stripes... seriously I love looking at them.

I'm OBSESSED with the towel below. It's sooo cute! Look at the design and the colors; little cooking utensils. Ah I love it so much I don't want to use it!

I also bought some wine glasses; small ones without the stem because they are so much easier to haul around. And I bought a teapot that I have a love hate relationship with right now. Coffee gives me heartburn so I drink a lot of tea. I microwave the water and it usually gets all over the place so I thought a teapot might be easier. It's better at warming up water but when I brew tea in it, it's not strong enough. I end up microwaving the tea again. Maybe I am just getting used to the strong chai taste. My aunt mentioned I like my tea strong, when I made a tea one time at her house, but I thought I all tea is supposed to be darker?!

As winter approaches, I become more and more into dresses and boots, as do we all I assume. So bought these super cute boot socks. I didn't really need them, but I saw them on my way to practical socks, and had to get them. Right now, I don't have the best set up for Fashion Friday... but it's on my list!

Soooo, I think either my house smells horrible or my nose is changing. They say you get new taste buds every 5 or 10 years so maybe your smell receptors change?! Ha. Regardless, I am LOVING candles right now. And I'm not a candle person. I hate gum, I don't like smelly lotion, I really do hate most things involving the nose, but I have 3 candles, which is more than I've ever had my entire life. I recommended this candle to a friend and she loved the heck out of it... So it must be good! It smells like sweet Christmas, I don't know how else to describe it! And it's a great deal for like $10 (55 hours!). That's like less than 20 cents an hour - I'm too practical for anyone's good! The container is super cute and it has a lid so you don't have to worry about stuffing it out. 

Speaking of WHW, I bought a stool for my vanity and 2 stools for my kitchen bar at a second hand store, for a lack of better terms. I plan to reupholster them, maybe add some paint to the wood part, and make them brand spanking new! I assume that reference is spanking of babies when they are born? (Back when that was a thing.)

Oh where to start. So I bought a sander! What, who says girls can't own power tools?! And I bought all that's needed for sanding; I promise to post soon. I sanded the vanity stool down quite nicely, then I went at it with spray paint, and messed up horribly! OMG. Stories to come but you can just imagine my frustration. The worst part about DIY is the waiting! I just want everything to be how I want it and set up in my house already. My parents said they already expect me to have a million projects waiting for them when they come in a month but I want to be able to do it myself!

PS I was not given free product or paid for this haul. I spent my hard earned money on these bad boys and, regardless, I would tell if I hated them! :)