Cure Your Acne - Clean Your Brushes

Quick and dirty (pun intended!!) way to clean your gross, dirty, icky makeup brushes and sponges that are spreading bacterial all over your beautiful face! ;)

First, I wet my brushes then I rub them in my hand with a little oil. You can use baby, olive, vegetable, whatever type of oil! I used olive because that's all I had! I do this over the sink because it gets all over, besides the fact that I'm a slob anyways. Some people put a little soap and oil in a cup and mix it all around. I like using my hand. I rub the brushes in the oil for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then I wash the oil off and kind of scrub the brushes on the bottom of the sink to really make sure I got all the makeup and excess oil off.

Next I repeat this process with liquid soap. I like Dawn because it works well on grease... and it takes a bit to get the oil out. I do this for about 1 minute then repeat the process of rinsing and scrubbing the brushes on the sink. Finally I super rinse the brushes again. If I can still feel a little oil, or if the water is still a little creamy from the residual makeup, I repeat this process again until they good and clean!

Finally I lay them out flat to dry to prevent the bristles from drying in a weird shape. I try to do this once a month, honestly, but every 1-2 weeks would be A LOT better. Bacteria lives in these little babes and when you reuse your applicator, you spread the bacteria all over your clean face. It's definitely a cause of acne!

PS you might have noticed the dates between posts: I am going "dark" for November. No, not my hair, but my posts! I worked A LOT in October so I am playing catch up. Also Thanksgiving is next week, I am going to New Orleans in the beginning of December, my parents are coming mid-December so I am trying to pull my house together.... oh man do I have a lot going on - On top of already working 50+ hours a week! Oh yea, and I met a guy!! So I promise this dark age will not last forever. I will still try to post as much as I can and I will come back strong for BLOGMAS Year 2!! :) XOXO