Throwback: Halloween Costumes

Since Halloween is on Saturday, I thought it would be fun to do a review of some of my Halloween costumes from over the years! If you are stuck for ideas, this might help! :)


This wasn't actually a Halloween costume; I did ballet as child. But it would still make for a great Halloween costume!

Barbie Princess

The WORST thing about growing up in Montana was cold Halloweens! I always had to wear my winter jacket and snow pants under my costume... and I hated it! How can I be a princess in a snow suit?! Ha ha The BEST thing about Halloween though was dumping out and going through your candy haul at the end of the night! I love the variety. PS look at those Lays potato chips. Talk about throwback!

Coors Light Beer Can

I think I took best costume at the house party I was at that year! Haha EVERYONE loved this costume - no surprise 20-something year old boys. My mom used to work for a company that distributed Coors Light and somehow we ended up with this costume. I'm wearing silver eye shadow in this but it looks blue.

Robin Hood

This costume is pretty risque and it was like $80.... super expensive but I LOVE unique costumes and I think a female Robin Hood is extremely unique! The boots are actually heels with a leg warmer type covers. They were hard to keep up. And it was even harder to keep the cap on my head; I had to use bobby pins. But I love this costume and I still have it. Maybe I will sell it one day... or modify it!

Madonna/80's rock star

I wore this to an 80s party. I LOVE the dress. It was such a fun costume because I'm a fan of layers and overstated jewelry. I bought almost everything at Goodwill, a second hand store.


I wanted a costume that would work well with short hair. I used a crimping iron to do my hair and I LOVE the way it turned out.


My best friend and I were piñatas for an ABC (anything but clothes) party one year. We bought a bunch of different colors of streamer and attached them to a dress. She used tape and I used glue.... USE tape because the glue makes the streamer wet and stiff. I spent a lot more time on mine alternating the streamer. This project is super cute and easy, but it you are a perfectionist like me, I would prepare yourself and start a week early.

Alice in Wonderland

A couple years ago I went through a pretty back breakup. It was actually right around the time Taylor Swift released Red. Long story short I cut bangs and wore a lot of red lipstick (I also dyed my hair pink but we can save that for another day). I was trying to think of a costume for a blonde with bangs and Alice came to mind. It was a toss up between Alice and Tinker Bell. I wanted so bad to make this costume and make it a little darker (like a sweet goth/twisted Alice) but I ended up running out of time and ideas so I bought a costume online. Maybe one day!


This is my go-to costume for work... I will showcase at St Al's tomorrow. I throw on all back clothes, some ears, and call it good! There is fine line between dressing up for Halloween and being professional at work, at least when you work in a hospital. One year a nurse dressed up like a clown and one of our patients had a clown phobia. He ended up FREAKING out and the nurse had to go home and change. But if you are looking for a cute yet appropriate costume for work, try a kitty cat!


My bestie and I yet again DIY-ed another costume. This wasn't for Halloween but instead for a rush party.... We had a lot of themed parties in pharmacy school. Anyways it was super easy and super fun. I wore horrible bright blue eye shadow and bring pink lips. The boys asked if I actually owned those colors before the party, and sadly, I did ;) I think I borrowed the glasses, suspenders, and fanny pack from my grandparents.. Ha to this day my grandma still thinks fanny packs are the best things in the world. I'm sure they will come back eventually but hopefully it's after my time.

Busted: Goldilocks

I think this was one of my favorite costumes in terms of creativity. I dressed up as goldilocks as in And the 3 bears - perfect costume for me, I know. But I was actually Goldilocks in a police lineup... I had been arrested for breaking and entering! Too funny! I loved it :) I made a sign that I wore around my neck, dressed in all black (love my Guess leather jacket), and curled my hair. I wish I would have taken the time to make the sign look more like one you see in a lineup but oh well. I was a poor college student with not a lot of time.


 To be announced soon! I love Halloween and I especially love creative DIY costumes. My classmate and her now husband always have the world's best couples costumes. I've decided to also share their past 3 years of costumes.

Hunter and his prey (aka a deer)

Dexter and his victim

Not So Hot Man and His Mail Order Bride

Tell me - what is your favorite costume? What are you going to be for Halloween this year?! Happy Halloween everyone!!