Styling a Bob

I thought I would do a quick hair post today as it's been a while and my hair grows like a weed. I'm growing it out and I want to showcase the different lengths and how to make them work for you! I cut it and haven't cut it since. I can't believe how long it is after only 4 months!


Below is my hair before I styled it. For this look I simply straightened my hair the night before. I don't really use any pre-products on my hair mainly because I prefer the natural feel of my hair. Mousse makes it feel plastic-y. I do have a heat protecting spray that I use sometimes that doesn't affect my hair's texture.


The following day I sprayed {Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Dry Shampoo} on the roots. I spray it on the top but also on the sides and back. I don't comb dry shampoo through like they recommend because I feel like that takes the body out of it. The best thing about dry shampoo, for me at least, is that I have blonde hair I don't get white streaks or flakes when I use a little too much! ;) I use dry shampoo for both body and oil control, as I like to wash my hair every other day. It dries out too fast when I wash it daily (the roots are always oily but I worry about the ends). Plus it's a pain to dry it all the time - I have thick hair. However, when it was super short, I could get away with washing it more often because it dried so fast!

After I let the dry shampoo sit for a minute or two, I use my fingers to push the roots from the scalp upward, like teasing, to give it body. Sometimes I flip my head upside down and flip it back over to give it a little extra body. Afterwards I spray some {TRES Two Extra Hold Hair Spray} on it and poof a little more. That's pretty much it. Sometimes I have to add more dry shampoo or hair spray and play around with it. Caution: there is a fine line between body and bed head/crazy mess

! I'm hoping to feature, over the next couple weeks, different ways to style short hair; both curling, straightening, ect., but also braids and clips!

They do recommend using dry shampoo for body on day after hair and hair spray if you just washed it. So far, with my hair, I would say I agree with this. Side note: my hair is getting long enough now that I should start doing deep conditioning treatments. Because I have such oily skin and hair, most of the time when it's short, I don't have to deep condition.

What are your hair tricks for more body/lots of oil?!