Spooktacular Spider Cupcakes

The other day when I was at Michaels I noticed {these} cute spider cupcakes. I had to buy them... 60% off! Here is how they turned out :)

I bought Cake Boss's boxed cake mix {chocolate trifecta} and used his {whole lotta chocolate} frosting.

Honestly, the cake and frosting wasn't that good. I actually looked to see if the frosting was expired when I first opened it. I felt kind of bad bringing them to work because they tasted okay but not great... but I didn't want to waste them.

Boxed cake mix, and especially canned frosting, doesn't hold a candle to the 'real' stuff aka homemade. I need to just bite the bullet next time and make everything from scratch. Anna Saccone has a recipe for {candy corn cupcakes} that I am dying to try. I LOVE candy corn.