Beautiful Redfish Lake in Idaho

We took the long way back, the scenic route, from Sun Valley and stopped at {Redfish Lake}. The water was absolutely beautiful. Again the photos just don't do it justice! The water was a perfect shade of blue and crystal clear! You could see the fish swimming around.

We stopped at the General Store and bought an Oreo Popsicle that was to die for! Classic hipster photo was a must ;)

I wanted to rent a boat and head out on the water right then! But we had to drive back since it was Sunday and we all had to work early the next morning :( I think I've decided that at some point in my life, I was to own a boat and spend a lot of my time on the lake. I don't know what it is, maybe a little of everything - wind in your hair, the calm of the lake, the serenity of being out in nature - but I absolutely love being at the lake. I feel happy, refreshed, and anxiety-free when I'm out on the lake.

The {Sawtooth Mountains} are here in the background. So beautiful. 

Below is a dad and little boy on the paddle board. It was beyond adorable; the kid was relaxing, telling the dad "go left, go right", and the dad was happily obeying.... oh to be a kid again ;)

I hope to spend a lot more time here come spring.