My Favorite Lip Glosses

I know, I know... what happened to blogging more in October?! You don't have to remind me; October is officially half way over and I feel I haven't done anything "fall". It's so sad! Last week I had plans to check out the corn maze but it was soo smokey from a fire (thanks dumb camper for lighting the forest on fire!); I couldn't stand to be outside!

Today I thought I would share my favorite lip glosses to continue the lip trend then finally tomorrow all of these beauties on me! I don't think you can make a solid decision about whether or not you like certain colors until you see them on someone!

I'm extremely picky about lip glosses. I hate lip gloss that is too shimmery, too sticky, and too drying. I searched the internet high and low and found the following lip glosses as my best options.

{Butter Gloss} | NYX Cosmetics

I bought maple blonde (far left) and vanilla cream pie

(far right). They taste and smell really good, haha let's start with that! I do think they are sticky but I would have to say they are less sticky than most lip glosses. They have a decent "staying time", maybe an hour or longer. But I do notice if my lips are dry, you can see the dry skin easier than if I wasn't wearing anything. Overall I would say they are one of the better less sticky lip glosses you can buy, especially for the price. I don't think I will ever find lip gloss that doesn't have a little stick. 

{Hervana Berry Pink} | Benefit Cosmetics Ultra Plush Lip Gloss

This lip gloss is thicker; you could wear it on its own. And I would have to say, because I just compared them, this lip gloss is a lot less sticky than the NYX Butter Gloss. It, again, tastes and smells delicious. This would be a great lip gloss to wear if you want a little something extra - it matches more of a natural lip color. Also it would be great if you want lip color throughout the night but not have a mirror to make sure you aren't getting lip stick all over your face and teeth... yes it's happened to me before! I would highly recommend this color!

{Sugar Plum Sheer} | 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint

As you can read by the title, this is actually a lip tint, sort of like a lip balm with color. It smells like clay but it's not a bad smell. I would say it does a great job of tinting your lips and it stays on for a long time. The only pit fall is this specific color, which I received as a bonus when I bought other things from 100% Pure, is extremely dark! The one downside to 100% Pure products is the $$$. Their prices have been slowly increasing since I started buying them in {May}.