My Favorite High End Lipsticks

I was going to surprise you all with a video of my every day makeup but I videoed it only to find out the memory card I was using doesn't write fast enough for my camera. I was trying to shoot in Full HD so the video would be extremely high quality :( All that work lost... and now I need to buy a new memory card. Note to self: read the manual before you start! Oh well, I am going to a wedding tonight so I had to do my makeup anyways! I'll try to take some makeup pictures, think smokey eye + a hint of fall, (one thing I'm sort of good at!) with links to the products I used.

So today, more makeup! These are my favorite high end lipsticks, all purchased at Macy's. I need to buy more but I just haven't had the time lately and I find it extremely awkward to try on colors with the beauty counter lady. The last time, the lady wasn't giving me her opinion, so maybe I just need to find a more frank clerk! I want to know if I look like a dork!! ;) The one nice thing about department store makeup is the ability to try before you buy! Most of my darker shades I had to try on first; I'm more likely to buy a darker shade I don't like than a lighter one! Dark colors are a balancing act for pale skin!

This is how I store my lipsticks. I think you can buy one of these plastic storage trays for around $10 at most home stores (ie Target). I have this in a drawer in my bathroom and I love it because the lipstick can't roll around and cause drawer chaos! ;) It's so easy to carry my lipstick around in this basket and get to the lipstick I want it. I'll post my makeup storage here soon also!

{Exotic Orchid} | Estee Lauder

I bought this color at least a couple years ago; so it's not available on the website but you might be able to find it online. It's a little pink and definitely darker on me. I usually wear it layered with a lighter color to tone it down. This may sound strange but I LOVE the smell of Estee Lauder lipstick. And I would say it's not moisturizing but not drying either; it's creamy.

{A Different Grape} | Clinique

Right now this is my favorite darker/fall lipstick. I actually received it as part of a promo; if you spend I think $20-30 at Macy's, you received a free 5 piece makeup set. This is not normally a color I would have picked out for myself but I'm actually enjoying the color on me and I want to, here at some point, try to find similar shades. The one con is that you need to watch out because it takes some serious practice putting on darker shades. I always get it on my teeth and on the skin around my lips. I think a lip liner would be beneficial until you are a pro at putting dark shades on.... which I am clearly not!

{Berry Truffle} | Estee Lauder

This lipstick, as you can see, is old. I bought it for a Marine Corps ball when I was dating my ex, I think circa 2010. I put this lipstick on the other day and it was horrible... I threw it away. I did find a picture of me wearing it in 2010 that I will post later. Do not judge! ;) PS yes makeup does expire! So if you love a product, use it and enjoy the heck out of it. I tend to hoard things and never wear them, so they goes bad and I have to throw them away! What a waste, huh?!