DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces

As promised, I finished my little mason jar project and am including step-by-step instructions! This is a super easy and extremely cheap way to have a little fun creating fall centerpieces. This look would work for any season really!


What you will need

Mason JarFlowers of your choice - real or fake!Burlap RibbonWhite RibbonTape - I used double sided tapeScissorsOptional: some sort of accent - I used pine cones and acorns

I took the top off the mason jar and reattached only the outer lid, as shown above. Then I cut the burlap to wrap around the jar with a little extra. I stuck tape on one end, adhering it to the jar, then placed the other piece of burlap over that - I was using double sided tape. Because I did that, I don't have tape showing. 

I wrapped the ribbon around the jar, placing the back over the burlap that was overlapped, so I could tie the ribbon in a bow in the front without having the crease/gab/ends (aka the back) showing. And that's about it! Cut and arrange the flowers as you desire, place on a counter or table, and ENJOY! Super easy and affordable. :)

I've decided to put the white flowers in my bedroom - pictures to come soon - but my bedroom, as opposed to my living and dining room, has white furniture. I would have liked my whole house to have white furniture but I found my awesome kitchen table for such a deal that I couldn't pass it up. I decided to run with the theme instead of take the time to re-paint everything! I love how it turned out though.

Let me know what fun fall projects you try! I would love you see the results.