Clothing Haul at Target

The other day I went to {Target} to stock up on some new fall clothes! Just my luck, they were having buy 1 get one 1/2 off on all sweaters and cardigans! Here is a look at what I tried on and bought. :)

The first item was a mustard cardigan. I'm not really sure if mustard was "so last year" or what not BUT I am loving mustard and yellow right now. I have the cutest mustard heels from {ModCloth}. They look kind of like {these}. I've been waiting for another mustard piece to pair them with so... fashion post here soon?! This cardigan is so soft and super cute on sooo I bought it!

The next item was a tapered grey sweater with blue designs on the bottom. As you can see in the back, it's longer on the sides, which makes it flowly when you walk. This sweater is also super soft and I bought it. As I was checking out, the cashier said she loved the sweater too! It's always a good sign when the people who work there love the clothes you're buying too!

This shawl was super cute on the rack but it was too square or something. I can't really place my finger on it but I wasn't loving it. I felt like I was wearing a blanket more than an article of clothing. Too Peruvian for me, at least to wear at work! Note: it was kind of cute when I put my arm behind me like in the second picture but who has the time or energy to walk around like that all day?! Haha Maybe if it goes on sale I will buy it...

Classic fall staples include white, blue, black, and grey sweaters and cardigans. I've been slowly going through my clothes trying to assess what I already own, and I noticed I don't have a grey cardigan... not okay! I purchased this super cute grey sweater; I'm actually wearing it today - let me tell you, this is the softest sweater in ever! I just want to curl up in it in front of a fire. It is a little thicker than a normal cardigan but I'm loving it!

Next! Another cute poncho that I wasn't jumping up and down about. I actually think I may like the first poncho better. I don't like way the design lays on this one OR the grey tassels/fray on the bottom. I'm not a tassel/fray kind of girl.

I love sweaters with turtle like necks this. It's not exactly a turtle neck, but more of a turtle neck/scarf combo. This sweater is again super soft (way to go Target!

). It's a little longer which is always hard... do you wear it with pants which stick out or with leggings that aren't always work appropriate?! We shall find out! I kind of think it's cute layered over this dress (second picture where it's bunched a little more) - maybe I will try it with a skirt!

I didn't end up buying this shirt. Again it looked cute on the rack but the design was horrible on. The fit is cute so maybe if they had it in another design/color... PS don't mind my tights. Totally not appropriate at all but that's all I had for pants since I wore a dress that day! Haha

This shirt is super cute. The fabric is a little stiffer than I like so I'm hoping washing it with a little fabric softener might help. BUT I'm a sucker for stripes, especially grey or white! These stripes are actually navy blue.

Side note: I had the cutest sweater dress, it was white with grey stripes, and I wore it until it was stained, ripped, and shrunk so much that it was practically a shirt. I loved the heck out of that dress and it was such a sad day when I had to throw it out.

Anyways, this shirt has the cutest zipper on the back. I can just see this with a navy scarf or gold dangly jewelry, and leggings... or even my {new black jeggings} from American Eagle (coming in the mail today!). I love American Eagle pants as the come in Extra long and fun colors -yay!- but I am HATING the sateen material they are made out of right now. It's shiny and stiff, gross! I am waiting for them to make their colored jeans in other colors than black and white - just say no to sateen!!

Last but not least a red dress! I didn't buy this because the fabric wasn't flattering, especially on my hips - I'm working on them! - and it was a little loose in the arm pits. The line that goes across the breast makes the dress love more like a sweater than a dress. I love the color and length though!

I bought everything in large (2 reasons!) One, clothes shrink with you wash them and my washer/dryer s*ck so they will probably shrink even more than normal. I need to buy some drying racks. Two, it's SO hard for me to find clothes that fit my shorter body (I'm all legs) and my longer arms. I hate clothes, especially coats, that don't even make it my wrist.

The great thing about all these pieces is that they will totally function day-to-night! I can see myself going straight to dinner after work wearing any of these.