Fraiser Fir - The BEST Christmas Candle

Lately, a lot of blogger and vloggers have been posting candle hauls. This was not something I imagined myself doing because, to be honest, I am not the biggest fan of candles. I am EXTREMELY picky about smells... I hate air and car fresheners, Glade plug-ins, even the smell of certain dryer sheets. BUT there are a few smells that I do like. 

The other day I came home and realized my house kind of had a mustysmell. In the summer, I open the windows and let the fresh up freshen up my home. But now that it's getting colder out, especially in the evenings, my window opening days are few and far between.

One candle that I actually love is {Frasier Fir by Thymes}. My mom and a pharmacist I worked with long ago first introduced me to this candle years ago, but as a poor college student, I never had the desire to buy it. Earlier this week, I thought "why not?!" so I jumped online to order a few candles, and send one to my mom, but because there are so many options on the website, I wasn't 100% sure I was ordering the right thing. I clicked "Find a Store" instead so I could go in and physically smell and choose the right one! I chose {Mixed Greens} in downtown Boise because as a boutique, I thought they might have some other fun stuff I could check out! PS they did! I love everything in their store. Check out their {Instagram} to see what I mean.

Frasier Fir is described as "Crisp Siberian Fir needles. Heartening cedarwood. Relaxing sandalwood." And it's exactly that. It smells just like a Christmas tree without being too overwhelming or giving me a headache. The fragrance comes in many forms (candle, air freshener, infuser, car sachet) but I bought this adorable 2 pack candle set. 

I love the packaging; it's so crisp and clean with that hint of sparkle, gold, red, and green that reminds me of so much of Christmas. It's honestly the best candle in the world, sometimes I smell it when it's not burning just because I can. I would highly recommend this candle, especially with Christmas around the corner! I plan on sticking this under the tree for my mom this year for sure! The only downside is the cost! It's extremely expensive, at least for a candle, but highly worth it!!

The next candle I bought is a new brand for me. I think I may have seen this brand in-stores or online somewhere but I've never actually bought one.

I was actually surprised when I smelled this candle; I liked the smell, after smelling about 10 other candles that were absolutely horrible (see I am picky!) and decided to try it out! There was actually another candle in a different brand, a primrose smell, that I enjoyed but I didn't want to break the bank that day ;) I will have to go back here at some point. Anyways, I have been burning this candle every night and I seriously LOVE how it makes my house smell. It's an {Aspen Bay Candle} in the fragrance Bamboo Lotus.

It's described as "bamboo leaves with hints of lemon, pear and eucalyptus". 

It's a light perfume-like smell; it kind of reminds me of what I think the 1920s would have smelled like! Not too strong but just enough that it's almost relaxing. I love the grey speckled trinket box it comes it with the brass lid; it matches perfectly in my apartment! I would also recommend this candle to picky people like me!

What are your favorite candles, brand or smell? Do you stock up on holiday scents?