Reupholstering Kitchen Chairs

As you all know I am in LOVE with my dining room table. However, secret's out that my dining room table did not always look like {this}! In fact the chair cushions were cream when we first bought them! They were a little worn and I wanted them to match my apartment so.... 

My mom and I took the old cushions off.

We bought new fabric at {Jo-Ann} and cut out new pieces of fabric using the old as a template. We actually, however, cut them larger as we added more cushion! The chairs were okay for comfort but we figured since we were taking them apart anyways we might as well add more padding. If you look closely at the two pictures, you can see the chairs are thicker in the second picture. With the extra cushion and fabric in place, we nailed everything to the wood that's underneath it all. We then hammered the nails a little to make sure everything was tight.

I thought reupholstering would be hard but it's actually quite easy!

Have you done any reupholstering or refurbishing projects? I'd love to hear about them or see them! Post links below :)