Paint and Sip Review

A couple weeks ago my friends and I decided to attend a {Paint and Sip} class! Basically the idea is you drink yummy cocktails and paint a canvas along with an instructor. There are a lot of options, ranging from easy to hard, each night being different. We attended one Friday night, drank champagne, and painted cupcakes!

Afterwards we went out for ice cream at {Sub Zero}. You chose all your ingredients and they FREEZE the ice cream with liquid nitrogen right in front of you! I got cake batter with heath bar. They have so many options. I cannot wait to go back this fall for pumpkin season!

PS I'm starting to feel some of the "old" Bri starting to come back. Last night and a little after work today, I painted some DIY artwork for my apartment. The creative juices are starting to flow... YAY! :) I'm glad to be over this slump and hopefully heading up hill. I'm on a 12 day stretch right now, but I've been busy here in Boise and I hope to catch you up!