Best Breweries in Boise

I'm not 100% randomness is real word but oh well.

First, really, where to start?! Well I went on a booze cruise. Mostly, we just biked down a main street in Boise and bar hopped. It was an absolute blast although I behaved (aka didn't drink that much) more than I could have. I didn't feel too sick the next day though so it's a give and take ;) The theme of the cruise was White Trash. I kind went White Trash, then 80s with it. Ha anyways, a picture of my make up! And I put pink in my hair, again. I love it. I would have my hair pink all the time if work would let me. PS I love makeup.

One day, after I gave a presentation, my co-residents and I went out for drinks! We went to {Boise Brewing} which is actually one of the best breweries in Boise that I've tried, thus far. This day got random, this really weird lady came in and bought my co-resi and I a drink, left without talking to us, and I'm pretty sure she paid with stole credit cards. So random, I can't even explain and that's why I love all those nights I spent in college downtown. Words, there are no words sometimes, and wordless nights really are the best. :)

I went for a night workout and stumbled on this adorable window sticker. It's amazing. 

Anyways, those are some pictures off my iPhone. The new iPhone comes out soon and I hope to upgrade!