DIY Idaho String Art

This coming weekend we (my co-residents, some co-workers, and some friends I've made from other hospitals!) are heading to {Sun Valley} for a pharmacy convention. One of my co-workers is on the {ISHP} board and in charge of a grant program. This year they decided to have a

 raffle to raise money for the grant. My co-worker was talking about it at work, looking for creative prize ideas, and I thought "what a great excuse for me to do a little DIY and support a great cause." I've been craving a string art project for a while now so I decided to do Idaho with a heart around Boise. 

I bought all the supplies at {Michaels} and it cost around $40. However, now I have string, brushes, stain, and nails, so if I make another it will be super cheap!

I decided to choose gray stain because it's versatile and hopefully will go in almost any house. Since it's one of many raffle prizes, people will not be able to pick which they win.

I went with white string, again for versatility. Additionally, my house is grey, white, yellow, and blue, so I can use left over materials to make myself some wall art!

The best part about being creative, or at least an additionally fun part, is sitting down with a nice drink and making art! I have been craving champagne, mostly because it's cheap, less is more, and beer hasn't been sitting well. I went with {Barefoot moscato}, which I know is the sweetest you can go! I cannot drink moscato wine but if it's champagne, I don't mind!

The stain went on much darker than I anticipated. This was after only 1 coat. It was more like paint than stain.

I cheated and used a printed out version of Idaho. I centered it and went around the state with the pins. I would like to say that I bought extremely small pins and they bent when I was wrapping the string around them.

I actually had to use bigger nails for the heart because they had the most amount of string and the smaller pins would not hold. I didn't really think about it, but some of the pins/nails end up having more string on them and therefore they need to be stronger/bigger. 

Also, watch where you put the center. The heart didn't have much connecting it on the bottom, but the whole top half of Idaho had to be supported by the top of the heart! I had a tough time making sure each nail had an even amount of string without it looking silly.