Easy and Cheap DIY Dot Art

As most of you know, I am a freak for homemade decor for 2 reasons! One, I enjoy making it. I really do have a creative side, despite my left-brained work, and I try as much as I can to balance knowledge and creativity! Two, it's so much more rewarding to look at something on your wall and know that you made it! I'm so proud of the things I've made and I enjoy them that much more. {Here} is the inspiration for my art!

I used my finger to make dots of all different sizes on the canvas. I was originally only going to use 3 colors but it looked a little empty so I actually did 3 shades of gray then blue and yellow. It looks a little strange sitting on a chair but I really like how it turned out on my wall. For overlaying of color, I had to let it dry over night before adding more dots.