Weekly Review

A weekly iPhone review :)

My classmate from Montana, who also moved to Boise, and I went shopping for work clothes and shoes! Afterwards, we went to the {Village in Meridian} for dinner and drinks! Here a few pictures. We ate at {Backstage Bistro}, which is connected to a movie theater. It wasn't bad; I had a salad and Katie had French dip.

The hospital I work at has this outdoor relaxation garden area. I love going up there for lunches, whenever I need a mental break, or when I'm cold (it happens a lot after lunch!). There are covered tables to sit at, plants and flowers, and a water fountain. I think it's a great area, especially for patients; I don't know if the hospital tells them about it enough. Mental health is just as important, if not more important, for recovering patients!

Lazy weeknights.  I've been trying to force myself to do more on weeknights. Pharmacy residency is extremely involved. We work about 48 hours a week on top of working 16 hours every 3 weeks. We have projects and presentations for each rotation, our residency as a whole, and residency forum. I have 3 big presentations at the end of this month, and 2 smaller the next 2 weeks. I want to learn as much as I can during this year, and become a better pharmacist. But I don't want to kill myself doing it. I valve personal time, away from work and pharmacy. I was so unhealthy during pharmacy school, and I've decided taking care of myself is more important than everything else. I may only live in Boise for a year so I want to do as much as I can. Anyways, (pretty much the opposite of what I was saying) one night I was super tired so I had kettle corn and watched some Netflix.

My co-residents and I went to {Edge Brewing} after I found out I passed all my boards. I'm not 100% sold on the breweries here in Boise yet. The breweries in Missoula were top notch so Boise has a lot to prove. I also think a part of me is still in Missoula. I've been thinking about this a lot. I've been forcing myself out of my comfort zone, but whenever I go out, I don't always have fun. I think I have a mental block. A lot of things went wrong when I first moved here, and I whole heartily LOVED pharmacy school. I don't think I am ready for it to be over, and more importantly, for me to have to "grow up". I don't really know what the answer is yet, but my co-resident's fiance asked what I did in Missoula that I didn't do here. Amazing question because the answer was nothing. I really do just think I miss my friends, and I miss being able to let loose. There is something about Missoula, you can be whoever you want, and you never are made to feel bad about it. I wore black cowboy boots and a black dress this night, and people were staring like crazy. Maybe they thought the outfit was adorable, like I did, but I felt like it was a judge-y stare. In Missoula I would wear a mini-skirt and heels one night, cowboys boots and a dress another, and I never felt judged. I guess I don't really know how I fit in Boise yet, and I think I need to soul search a little on it.

A shout out to {Dutch Bros. Coffee} in being my favorite new coffee place. The coffee it so die for; I love the Kicker, Irish Cream blend. And the people who work there are amazing. They are always super chatty, nice, and they always compliment my hair or clothes! I know it's silly, but I love hearing it, even when I'm not wearing the best outfit! Haha. They give a whole new meaning to a "pick me up"!

Finally I broke down a bought a new blender: {Oyster MyBlend Blender}!  Sometimes I don't feel like eating food in the morning, if that makes sense, so I make a healthy smoothie to sip on at work. I usually put yogurt, frozen berries, a banana, milk/soy milk (whatever I have), spinach, frozen peas, and oatmeal in my smoothies. I read great reviews on this blender and I decided to go with it because I always make too much. This only allows me to add enough for one person. I'm loving it so far.