If I Could ... Tagged by Eclecticalu

I'm so excited to announce that I've received my first {tagged post}. I've never been tagged before and I'm honored! Thank you, {Alina}! I love reading your blog and am so touched :)

So here goes! If I could...

Live anywhere:

Ooo this is really hard! For one, just because I want to live somewhere, doesn't mean I would like it. And two, my degree doesn't really transfer out of the US. So if I were to move somewhere, where I could still be a pharmacist, I would choose Vancouver, BC.

Me and my best friends in Vancouver in 2014!

If it were anywhere in the world, I would LOVE to live on the Island of Capri.

Have any home:

I don't really think there is a specific home I would want, although Taylor Swift has some pretty sweet pads! Ha I think I would want some land, maybe, and definitely a big kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet! Part of me is a country girl at heart and I would love a large ranch... and another part is a city girl and I would love a little, old historic house downtown.

Have any garden: Oh, so I'm not much a gardener mostly because everything I touch dies. But I would love a killer backyard, with flowers, trees, a nice patio + furniture, a fire pit, and maybe a pool or hot tub. I would love to grow my own veggies though so maybe I could grow a vegetable garden!

Be on holiday right now: Europe, always Europe. I would kill to be in Ireland, or Spain, or really anywhere. I love the history, the buildings, the food, the culture. Oh I love Europe! And It's been about 7 years since I've been there so I am dying to go back. I hope to take a month off after residency, take a leap, and head to Europe for a month! I'm only young once so why not!?

Me in Barcelona in 2007

Have any job:

Man thanks for all the hard questions! In reality, I really do honestly love what I do. I think I will be satisfied and happy with my career until I retire. But I would love to travel and take pictures, maybe be a part time blogger. I don't know! That's a hard one! But currently, pharmacist is pretty awesome title. I've worked hard and sacrificed a lot for it. Saving lives and helping people is all I can really ask for as a career.

Have any talent:

Singing. I would LOVE to be able to sing; bust out a little Christina Aguilera.. and sound just like her like in Burlesque! Yep, if even for a day, I would love to be able to sing.

Live any day again: This opens a can of worms. I am a very strong, happily independent woman, but the two days that come to mind are actually weekends with ex-boyfriends. I'm not saying I want them back as much as I want back who I was and how I felt on those days. I'm just going to post pictures of me during these time periods because I don't want them, or crazy ex-girlfriends, suing me for posting unauthorized pictures. 

Have any super power:

The power of persuasion. I could tell people to quit being so horrible to each other; I could make the world a better place if I could make people make better choices. And if worse comes to worst, I could convince people to make me president ;) ... haha of the WORLD!

Thanks again for the tag! XOXO

Stay classy, my friends!