Honest Company Review

I know the {Honest Company} has been in the news for unreliable sunblock. All I use is their sunblock and I've never had a problem... and I have extremely fair skin.

They actually liked one of my {Instagram} posts and it now has 120 likes, which is unheard of for me... at least for now ;) They also replied to one of my {Twitter} posts which is pretty awesome!

I mostly stocked up on cleaning products. I am trying to cut nasty chemicals, especially cleaners!

So far, everything has worked well. The bug spray smells amazing and so do pretty much all of their products.

I love their lotion because it dries really fast. I hate lotion that leaves a sticky feeling on your skin. I can go through and review products one by one, if people would like?! So far there isn't a product I wouldn't recommend.