Basque Soccer Game

A couple weeks ago, my co-pharmacy residents and I went to a soccer game: Bilbao Spain vs Tijuana Mexico. It was presented by {Basque Friendly Soccer}. There is quite a large community of Basque people/supporters here in Boise.

I'm wearing Essie {Power Clutch}

PS all my pictures are square because I've started taking them that was for Instagram. It's easier to see how they will look if you take them in the right dimensions to start with! ;) I was cheering for Spain because I've been there before. Below is a picture of me from 2007 in Bilbao. It's funny because I used to think I needed to lose weight and now I look back and realize I was so freaking skinny! Haha

After the soccer game there was a street party downtown! We were so hungry so we went to eat at a brewery that had big open doors to the outside. A huge bug flew in and landed on my purse! He was trying to climb a wood wall and kept falling. I eventually helped him up it and he flew off, not before he looked right at me as to say "thanks!"