Things To Do in Boise in the Summer

An iPhone update from Boise! Now that I am fully licensed, I'm going to have more free time! I cannot wait to explore and bring you along. :)

First photo: Summer weather means white jeans and denim shirts! I just LOVE white jean, shorts, pants, you name it! I also love denim everything! The shoes unfortunately did not last (they broke last weekend when I walked to work). This look is classy and works for so many occasions! I'm just in love. The shorts and shirt are from Target.

The second photo is from {10 Barrel Brewery}. It's downtown in Boise. I love sitting on the patio and people watching. Mom, dad and I went their for lunch before we went to the botanical gardens and old penitentiary. 

Pictures from the botanical gardens. It felt soo good to be out with my camera again! It was so hot I thought I was going go die (90-100 degrees). Tomorrow I will post some pictures from my Canon camera. 

4th of July! What a fun night! I love fireworks :) I have some sparklers left over. I am going to try take some "artistic, creative" photos one of these nights.