College Graduation Day!

These are my friends Taryn and Ali. I visited them the day of graduation at their graduation party! Taryn's boyfriend gave the graduation speech and both of them (Taryn and her boyfriend) were actually in Nepal when the earthquake hit! I was sooooo glad to hear they were safe! Ali got a residency in UT and Taryn is headed way upnnorth to AK.

This is one of my good friends, Ruben. He got a job in Florida so I won't see him as much! I love him to death though. He is a great listener and such a fun guy to be around!

After party hopping, we ended up at my 2nd cousin's graduation party! They had a wonderful fire going and I spent most of my night enjoying its warmth! Reminded me soo much of camping! I cannot wait to get out there this summer.

One of the things I wanted before I even started pharmacy school was my name engraved in a brick in the oval on campus! (I will post a picture of the oval here soon in relation to my brick!) My grandma bought this for me and it was a wonderful gift. Amber and I had a blast trying to find it... and take a picture of it and me!

Another look at my graduation hat. I know you are probably sick of graduation pictures but it was a week long and such a blast! I finally found a place in Boise. I'm moving next week (excited and scared!) I just have NO motivation... to do anything. I've been studying for the BIG pharmacy test the last week. More graduation pictures then we will get to the fun stuff such as moving and decorating and DIY-ing my new place! :) Soo excited!