100% Pure Chemical Free Makeup

Today I want to share another {100% Pure} haul! As most of you know I am trying to go chemical free (or at least have less chemicals in my life). I tried 100% Pure and loved some of their products...so when they were having a sale, I took advantage! 

This is there {Pretty Naked Palette}. I honestly haven't played around with it too much. I will, however, and give a full report. The colors so far seem extremely creamy and I love neutral, soft tones. (PS I am the worst about describing how a product looks but I will definitely tell you if it lasts, how easy it is to work with, etc.!

This is {Mango Butter Soap} that came highly recommend on the website. It does smell yummy but again I have yet to use it because I am currently using up a lavender bar of soap I have. (Apparently instead of a haul, I need to do a beauty favorite post so you can see my ratings!)

Okay after posting yet not really talking about products, we come to one I have actually used {Healthy Skin Foundation Powder}! Here goes nothing! I bought this powder foundation (I've never used powder before) because I was told by both my grandma and mom that my makeup looked "cakey". How embarrassing since I was wearing it out in public. I searched online and found that powder foundation is better for that less caked look. I decided to go with this foundation again because it had great reviews!

I watched a video online saying that if you use a, I think they are called {Powder Puffs} <--click link to see what I am talking about; they are the applicators that come in powder cases. Anyways, if you get them a little wet then use them to apply powder foundation it works a lot better.

DO NOT DO THIS, at least not with this product. It becomes a mess and streaks all over your face.

Anyways I still do concealer, foundation, powder, and blush, but this product works amazingly for fair skin. It's the closest match I've EVER found! (P.S. no I am not getting paid or reimbursed for saying this. This is 100% my opinion). It looks natural and works great with my oily skin. Off all the 100% Pure products, I would recommend this and the {Coconut Lime Whipped Body Butter} above all. 5 out of 5 for both of those products.

Free little bag that came with my purchase. I actually got 5 products with my purchase; everything but the soap and foundation. They have sweet little sales I would recommend hitting up!

So I am really picky about lip products; probably more that any other product. This {Pomegranate Lip Butter} is a lot darker than I would have hoped and it's a little drying. You know that feeling when you put on a product, rub your lips together, and your lips feel dry and waxy? Like that. But I feel that way when I use Burt's Bees and people love their products so maybe it's just me! I pretty much only use EOS and Bag Balm on my lips and Bag Balm has petrolatum which I've heard can be bad for you too! It's the only thing that moisturized my lips! My whole entire body is oily, my face is a mess, I never use lotion except on my hands because I wash them a million times a day in healthcare, but my lips are always dry!

I do like their eyeliner pen. It draws a really straight line and it does stay on relatively well. Like I said, I have really oily skin so most eyeliners and mascaras bleed on me, especially if my eyes water (outside in the sun). It's comparable to the Maybelline eyeliner I was using before.

My next goal for 100% Pure is to do my makeup with all the products I own so you can see them on a person! I will write a reviews for them too! Stay tuned :)