Target Clothing Haul

I went a little crazy shopping for graduation! Everything (except the denim shirt is from one of my favorite stores for fashion and affordability, Target!!

As a Montana girl, I am always looking for denim! I just love it. This polka dot button down shirt with these white shorts is a staple of my summer fashion!

I saw these grey shorts and just had to have them! They are versatile and longer... great for longer legs! I loved the blue shirt but you could see my bra through it. I love that kind of flowy material but it's so see-through!

I LOVE skirts! :) It's super soft and I like that the bottom line is see through

I love the top detail of my new favorite dress. The pattern is a little overwhelming but I wore this dress with high booties and got soo many compliments! Click {here} to see more of this dress on me!

Okay I lied, this may be my new favorite dress. I don't have much green but now I'm wondering why! I love this dress and even more, this color on me! I will post some pictures of me wearing this dress soon! It was on sale for $14 and I'm so thankful I bought it :)

After I went shopping, I was dying of hunger. I was starting to feel a little lightheaded so I bought these breakfast bars and dipped them in blueberry yogurt. I washed them down with some orange juice. It was such a yummy snack! (I know a lot of people post their food choices so I decided to show you some of mine!)