Adorable Graduation Dress with Accessories

Today I wanted to give a little sneak peak of my graduation dress. I finally found one I liked at {Anthropologie}. I decided to opt to white instead of red.

I also decided to wear it with white sandals instead of the booties. I found this gorgeous necklace at Target I just had to have to go with it. 

If you are wondering how I did my hair, I just french braid it into 3-4 braids after I took a shower and slept on it..

I know a lot of people who bought this dress complained that it wasn't lace... and it's not. It's actually quite stiff and heavy but I LOVE it to death on me. 

I went up a size (8) because the reviews said it was tight in the bust. And it was! When I was getting ready to walk across the stage, I was nervous and with a tight dress, breathing was a little difficult. I survived though:)