Do Not Use: Mascara

Alight blog world! I am officially graduating from pharmacy school this Saturday. That being said, I will not have very good computer access for the next week! I'm leaving Wednesday and will not be back until late next Thursday or early next Friday.I plan to blog into the future as much as I can to makeup for this lack of computer access and therefore am setting posts to go off throughout the next week :) I edited all these photos at once... and I kind of took crappy photos,so just bare with me. I didn't want to leave you empty handed again!

I'm posting today about a mascara that I've been needing to throw out (ps it's in the trash now)but have been holding on to. This mascara, pictured above, BURNS my eyes. No joke. I didn't get it in my eyes directly, but after a long day of wearing mascara just like I normally do, my eyes were on fire and watering. I LOVE Maybelline. I have always been a Maybelline girl. But this product, which I bought because it was on sale, it not a good product... at least not for me.I'd love to hear your thoughts! Have you tried this mascara before? Are there other makeup products you just can't wear?!