DIY Box of Sunshine Gift

One of my best friends has been having a tough time. I decided, after getting inspiration off Pinterest, to send her a little box of sunshine. The idea is to buy yellow items!

Picture she posted on Instagram when she received the package

Her response! :)I found thisadorable little boxat work and decided it was a go! I painted the inside yellow (it took three coats) and sprinkledglitter all over.

She LOVES glitter;) It's an inside joke.

I used silver stickers to spell out "Box of Sunshine" and outlined them with a navy Sharpie.

I used black construction paper to make a circle and 6 long triangles. I'm sure my math teacher would we flabbergasted with my description "long triangles" haha. I used tape on the back to put them together and voila! A sun :)

Then I filled it with little items to help brighten her day (all from Target!)


A face mask






EOS lip balms

Burt's Bees lip balm