Decorating Your Graduation Cap

I love DIY and unique things so I've decided to decorate my graduation cap! Pictures will be posted soon but here is a look at the supplies I bought.

I stocked up at Michaels and the whole lot cost me about $40. I figured I could buy a bunch of things I thought I might want and returns things if needed. I'd rather be over-prepared than running errands right before gradation! The town is going to be a mob! (Apparently there is a big track meet in town the same weekend as move, NOT!)

I bought some stickers, both for graduation and for pharmacy (medical). I love the 3D effect of these.I also bought some glitter glue,Styrofoam, and jewels to "be-dazzle" it! Haha my friend and I are probably going to decorate it one night with a bottle of wine so who knows ;) We already have Mod Podge for glue.

We can't pick up the graduation caps until earliest Thursday morning at 8am and we graduate Saturday!