100% Pure Chemical Free Makeup

In my journey to go chemical free, I have found 100% Pure. The compounding pharmacy where I was finishing up my last year of pharmacy school carried this brand. I trust their opinion for good, quality products.

I bought a few of the items off the website... There isn't a store within even 7-10 hours of me... If not further!

This cream is TO DIE FOR! I am the pickiest person when it comes to smells. I only have like 2 candles that I can sort of tolerate. I hate air fresheners and most things scented. But this is seriously the best smelling things (besides real flowers of course!) ever. And it does a great job moisturizing. It's a little greasy at first but it absorbs in pretty fast.

I took this picture with the product by my finger to show you the size. The picture on the website is a little misleading...I thought they would be bigger.

I definitely like the products I've tried (the mascara, concealor, primer, and lip balm). They take a little getting used to because they are made from different ingredients than I am used to. I want to go 100% chemical free in my make up.

The package on this lip balm is misleading also. I thought it would be bright pink like the container but it's more of a bright, deep-ish, red berry. Maybe I didn't read the description carefully though. I can still make it work!

Every purchase has free shipping and comes with free samples. I cannot wait to try these! I'd love to go chemical free in the shower next!