What's In My Bag | Anxiety Edition

As most of you know, I've suffered with anxiety  for the past 2 years. As with most people with anxiety, I have my comforts. One is this little bag of "emergency" items. I love having them all in one bag so I can easily transfer them to my purse when I go out and to my work bag when I head to the office.

Here's what's in my anxiety bag!


You never know when you are going to get a headache. I frequently have tension headaches as I don't have the best posture and spend a lot of my time sitting and standing in front of computers that set correctly to my height. As a last year pharmacy student, I only spend 4-8 weeks at each pharmacy experience so I didn't really have the capability of making each work space ergonomically for me. When I head to Boise for a pharmacy residency, I am definitely going to make sure my work space doesn't give me any more neck or back problems! It's hard being tall. Everything is too short and I lean/slouch/hunch over a lot. Anyways, headaches are horrible. Sometimes they make me nauseous and unable to think. Not ideal for a pharmacist! So I always carry ibuprofen. I even have a bottle in my car. And it always makes me popular because you never know when someone else is going to need some ! I've given out quite a few over the years and I am glad I'm able to help! A must if feeling out of sorts or in pain gives you anxiety!

Hand Sanitizer

ALWAYS a good idea to have hand sanitizer. Working in healthcare I see a lot of sick people. And a lot of those sick people decide it's a good idea to go to the grocery store, work, the movie theater, etc... After I'm at any public place and I've touched all the things everyone touches (grocery carts, doors, money) I use some of this. I also use is sometimes just for the smell ;) It's green apple and to die for! 

Eye drops

This has saved my life a time or two. I wear contacts  and I can't tell you the most annoying times I've got something in my eye. In fact, last weekend I went up into the mountains with my friends and got some dirt in my eye. My eye was watering like crazy and hurting! I was able to take the contact out, clean it, put it back in, and carry on without problemsAgain a MUST if you wear contacts!


Breathe mints are a must 24/7. You never know who you are going to need to talk to right after that cup of coffee or onion burger;) Plus when I am craving something sweet I can pop one of these in to satisfy my craving without sacrificing the calories!


I always have dry lips. I used Bag Balm every night. But throughout the day this little EOS balm saves my life. There is nothing more painful than dry lips and not having Chapstick!I love these little EOS balls. I have about 10 of them. My dog likes to steal them and hide them around the house.


Tissues are a great idea because you never know when your nose is going to run or start bleeding. I especially worry about it in the dry winter months. In addition to the "normal" use for tissues, you have no idea how many times I've used these for spilled coffee (both on my desk and clothes) and for little cuts. I have a middle console in my car that is jam packed with tissues and wet wipesI always makes messes and have learned the hard way to never not have tissues!

Excedrin Migraine

This is a little sample I received in a magazine. I decided to throw it in my anxiety bag because sometimes I will get a headache that will not respond to ibuprofen. Just in case I have a killer headache, I have these guys! It's also way more compact than a huge bottle of ibuprofen.

Bobby Pins

I usually have bobby pins, clips, and hair ties all over my house, bedroom, car, and work bag. I usually get sick of having my hair in my face, especially on busy days, or now that it's short it will fall out of a pony. I usually have to pin up little pieces on the bottom of my ponytail or braid. It's just a good idea to have some emergency hair accessories with you at all times.


I have a form of GERD and sometimes get breakthrough heartburn. There is nothing worse than sour stomach or heartburn and not having anything for it. I always carry an acid reducer with me just in case. I can usually pop 2 and get away with it until I'm able to get home.

Nausea Medication

This is actually a prescription nausea medication I had left over. I threw it in my bag because depending on the cause of the nausea, it works wonders when you are on the verge of throwing up. I always visualize myself throwing up in someone's car or in the middle of work when I am working closely with another pharmacist or doctor. Totally irrational but I've always been the time of person who worries about the possibilities of the worst things possible. It's definitely something I need to work on because it's not productive, it's a waste of time, and they never come true. You can only prepare for bad situations so much! And if I ever did end up getting sick, no one would judge me. It's human and normal. Because of my GERD and anxiety, I'm more prone to nausea but I've never actually thrown up from it! Anyways, I love this stuff when I really need it and I always carry it with me.

Pill Box

This is my little pill box of emergency, emergency medications. I was prescribed short acting calming medications for panic attacks and times of high anxiety. I don't like taking these medications as they make me tired, are highly addicting, and I really want to try to live life without constant or frequent anxiety. But there are times when I cannot calm down. I also have an extra Prilosec which I take every day just in case I forget to take it in the morning and remember later in the day. 


I originally threw this in my bag when I had a sinus infection. It helps dry out your sinuses  when they are running like crazy. I guess I keep it in here just in case I have some serious sinus problems and really need a nasal decongestant. Never hurts to have!


I just noticed Claratin and Nasonex are missing. I usually only carry these in the spring and summer . They are allergy medications and I have pretty bad hay fever. There is nothing worse than being at the lake or up in the mountains and having an allergy attack.My nose runs like crazy, I sneeze uncontrollably, and my eyes get red and watery. I usually have to shower or wash my face and lay down with cold wash cloth on my face. Not fun. So I usually have allergy medications all over during allergy season! It snowed here in Bozeman today so I'm thinking I have a little while until the pollen starts floating in the air

P.S. the bag says {Contents by Allegro} inside of it. I have no idea where I got but when I Google it Target is the first thing that pops up. I've a frequent shopper at Target so that's probably where I got it!

Do you have an emergency bag or anything you ALWAYS have to have with you??