Unique Pastel Nail Designs

I saw this design around Easter and wanted to paint my nails like this. However, I ended up being too busy and I didn't get around to it. I kept thinking about it ever since but figured, since Easter passed, I better not do it. 

Then I realized WHO CARES?! If I want to paint my nails Easter, aka spring, themed then I should do it. I couldn't decided what color to paint them... so I painted them all the colors! It was so fun and I think they turned out great. 

Essie Mint Candy Apple
Essie Fiji
Essie Absolutely Shore
Opi Alpine Snow
Essie Go Ginza

Moral of the story? Do what you want, even if it's not in season or cool, as long as it makes you happy! :)

PS I'm holding the vase because I absolutely, like I've said before, do not like taking pictures of my nails. I was trying to dress up the photo a bit.