Lush Bath Bomb Haul

I went a little crazy online at {Lush} for my birthday. I absolutely love their products. I mainly bought bath bombs because I knew the next couple months of my life were going to be stressful and I was going to need some stress-relieving baths.

Last night I used Epsom salt + {Avobath}. I didn't necessarily think it moisturized my skin as much as {Butterball} but it did make the whole bathroom smell wonderful. I relaxed in the bath with a glass of wine and searched for graduation dresses.

I didn't take them out of the packaging because as you can see, some of them are falling apart/broken.

I took some close ups of the ones I cannot wait to use!

These came from Canada, so the packaging says, and it's weird because they are different sizes than the ones I bought in Boise. My FAVORITE smelling bubble bar {Yuzo and Cocoa} is way smaller this time!

I bought a few of the same, my favorites, but mostly new ones to try! I think these will last me a while! I need to find a better, cuter way to store them. Here is all that I bought (below online and above in person!)

My favorites thus far are:

{Butterball}: Made my skin sooo soft

{Twilight}: The lavender was soo relaxing

{Ickle Baby Bot}: Again it was so relaxing. The lavender put me right to sleep. I was definitely ready for bed. Bonus? It's one of the cheaper bombs!

 Both boxes came with little samples of soap which was really nice! I always LOVE getting surprise samples! :)

I cannot wait to go back to the Boise store. The girls there were really nice and were willing to show me everything because the store was slower but I was feeling anxious. Next time I will be more relaxed and play a little bit with them!