Life Update | First Snow Fall!

I wanted to share today some of the photos off my iPhone. It's so much easier to take pictures of my day with my phone and if I don't post them, you miss a lot of my life.

The weather here in Montana has been a little crazy. First it was super hot, almost in the 70s. Then it rained a little, snowed, was nice again, rained, snowed, snowed... and this was in a course of like 4 days.

Mom and I walking the dogs. We like this little pond area where I used to live. It has pretty nice dog trails and loops pretty big so the dogs get tired. The only downside is the cars are a little heavy now and then. And there are gophers which the dogs freak out and try to chase. You can see Sophi below about to attack a Canada Goose!

I wore this dress to work yesterday. The top is black and white stripes and the bottom a navy blue. It is lower cut in the back and super cute. I got it at {

Apricot Lane

} in Missoula. Classic mirror selfie but sometimes it's the easiest and fastest way to show my outfit!

Me at work today. I wear my glasses because I do a lot of computer work and the lighting in the building makes me sick. I cannot wear my contacts. I hope to get the eye surgery soon but at least this is my last week at this rotation! Don't worry though. I took this photo outside the clean room as I was de-garbing. No medications were contaminated in the making of this photo!

Selfies on Easter Saturday. Mom ran into a store to grab something quick so I snapped a few photos. I want to start posting tutorials on YouTube for my hair, makeup, etc. so we'll see. I still have to get a few things figured out!