Chemical Free Sunblock That Actually Work!

In the last year, I've decided I want to go more "chemical-free". Working in pharmacy, I do understand that not all chemicals are bad and that some are a must. But if I can make something that is less processed and does the same job, then I want to do that. I want to rid my body of excess chemicals because my body is extremely sensitive now that I have anxiety.

PS I wish I had a mass spec machine to really test products ingredients ;)

I've been using vinegar and water to clean. It works really well and I think it is better for the puppies little feet, and mine! (My old sunblock I am throwing out!)

Since I am extremely PALE, I use quite a bit of sunblock . I know a lot of people tan but my skin doesn't feel very good when I tan or get burnt. I do not think all that sun exposure is good for you. 

I really want to MAKE my own SUNBLOCK but since I haven't been able to yet, I wanted to share with you some sunblocks that has less chemicals in them. These products contain zinc, which is a natural protectant. I know some people don't like it because it goes on a little thick, and makes you a tad white, but it's so much better for you than the other chemicals used in other sunblocks. After much research, I've found {Badger Sunblock} is one of the best.

It has less ingredients which means less chemicals. The {Honest Company} is supposed to be known for safer products. The 2-pack was cheaper at Costco!