Unique and Delicious Recipes for Easter Dinner

Happy Easter Monday... apparently that's a thing! Today I thought I would share with you our Easter dinner. Dinner included me, my parents, my grandparents (my dad's mom and dad), my uncle, his wife, and her grandchild! These pictures were taken with my iPhone.

Every holiday I try to make one new dish. I love traditions but it's always fun to mix it up and bring your own traditions and self into the mix. This year I decided to make these amazing {Cream Cheese Asparagus}. I cannot take credit for the recipe but I linked it to the left. They were AMAZING and I am going to make more this week. It's a little strange texture wise (and sweet veggies is weird) but you after a few bites I was hooked. 

While mom and I took the dogs for a walk, my dad decided to start in on the deviled eggs (where did that name come from?!) Anyways he cut the eggs the wrong direction.... they kept falling over. He was the joke of the night ;)

We also wrapped asparagus in turkey bacon which I will be honest in saying I didn't try. I really am not the biggest fan of bacon. I do like turkey bacon tho. And for pig bacon, I like the peppered bacon when it is pan fried (aka not burnt but soft). I know that's the opposite of what a lot of other people like but who likes being part of the crowd anyways? ;)

My aunt made some kind of salad that was delish! I think I could make it again without the bacon and maybe with some avocados for a healthier version. I will have to ask her for the recipe.

The whole set up. We've found it easier to have all the dishes on the counter then have people self serve and sit. I like the table being clear plus it helps you avoid over-eatting! We also had mashed potatoes, rolls, olives (because we eat olives for EVERY holiday), ham of course, and candied carrots. Besides the potatoes, hams, and rolls, we actually had all new dishes for everything else!

My plate :)

What did you have for Easter dinner? Do you do a brunch instead?