Transformation Tuesday | 10 Years of Hair

I thought it would be fun to do a Transformation Tuesday of my hair over the years. I get bored all the time and I feel like I can change my hair easily. I know it's not permanent and will grow back.

I always grow my hair out, then I get sick of it and cut it all off. It gets heavy and flat. I feel like I put it up in a ponytail too often, and if I can't put it in a ponytail, it forces me to do something with it. I think this year I went the shortest I've ever been. I've never gone brown or dark, just pink, but I'm thinking I may go darker this fall. 



2006. This is more or less my "natural" hair texture. If I let if air dry, this is what it looks like.

2006. I tried side bangs

This is probably the longest my hair has even been. I was shocked when I saw these photos. I don't remember it being that long.

2009. It was ridiculously long all year long

2010. This was a strange year for me. I applied for pharmacy school and I didn't get in. I had a "C" in organic chemistry. I had to retake the class. Note: my friend who went to undergrad at the University of Montana got the same grade and got in on her first try. She knew all the teachers though and had connections. It's always all about who you know. I should have done undergrad there ;) Anyways, not getting in was really hard for me. I ended up cutting off all my hair and getting a dog. I thought these changes would make things better. And in a way, I think they did. I know people say when things do or don't go your way (in a BIG way), don't make big changes, but I've always found big changes help me get through hard times. 

Then I grew it out. People don't like it as short as I do. At that time, I let their hesitance for my hair affect me decision. I grew it out again with some side bangs. I cut it again this last year and I didn't care what anyone thought. I kept going shorter and shorter. And I loved it.

One more because I love it curled. I really, really LOVE my hair in these photos. I think I need to make a trip to my salon. 

2011. I let it grow. My first year of pharmacy school. Man that was an amazing year. I grew so much as a person.

2012. It continued to grow. I really like my hair in this picture. If I wash and dry it the night before, and if it's cut right, the next day after I sleep on it, it has a naturally straight yet sort of curly look. It's soft. I wish it always looked like this. 

Fall 2012... 

Oh 2012. Where to start? Well I died my hair pink. Then I cut full bangs one night in my bathroom. I had a Taylor Swift post breakup phase. This break up, well it really hurt. I lost the girl I finally built and I still haven't been able to get her back. I'm working on it though :)

2013. I went ombre, then pink again, then dark (for me). I didn't like it the color in the last picture. It was all temporary dye and washed out easily. As you can see, I didn't start coloring or waxing my eye brows until the end of that year. My eye brows and eye lashes are blonde.

2014. I went short again. Then I went shorter. Then pink... again. Haha The third photo is the shortest and and the fourth the pinkest my hair has ever been.

Now I'm growing it out. Who knows what I will do next. 

Which of my "looks" is your favorite?