Tips & Tricks for Flat Lay Photography

I've recently started experimenting with my blog and more specifically with my photography. I've started using a white background for many of my photos and I made a light reflector out of tin foil. It's just a piece of cardboard covered in tin (aluminum) foil but it works WONDERS. I will never shoot again without it. 

I'm not a pro at photo editing; I've mostly just learned bits here and there from other peoples' blogs. I hope as I start doing this more, my photos and content become more appealing.

It's definitely a learning processes. I enjoy looking over my progress though and hope to always strive to be better. Featured is a photo before and after I edited it in Photoshop. I'm not much of a coffee drinker but I LOVE chai tea. I sprinkle a little sugar and half-and-half in it, and I'm set... At least for the morning. I usually need a 2 PM pick me up. Oh I've also started using props more strategically in my photos. The photo contains things I found around the kitchen and a little note book I use to keep a To Do list in.

Soon I will start posting my little photography tricks and tips. First I need to figure out how to explain things over the internet ;)