Huge Lush Haul

I'm so excited to announce that I finally, finally, FINALLY made it to a {Lush} store.

Here is what I bought. :) :) :) I posted the picture above the product except for the soap as both are in one photo.

Lullaby Solid Shampoo Bar

I mainly chose it for the smell. It has lavender in it which I thought would be relaxing if I'm stressed or if I take showers at night. I tried this product today. I actually used it as body wash instead. 

My review? I loved it. After I got out of the shower, there was a film on my skin that made my skin feel like it was still being moisturized after I washed lullaby off. 

The Brazilliant Solid Shampoo Bar

I really liked the smell of this one. I mainly use expensive shampoo on my hair because I'm so picky about it but I may try this someday. For now I'm going to use it again as a body wash. I love the citrus smell. It reminds me of a "fresh" morning and I think it will help wake me up in the morning. I also know ylang-ylang is relaxing so this bar might have multiple uses.

Twilight Bath Bomb

Ever since I heard of the concept of a "bath bomb" I've been OBSESSED with getting one. They look so fun. I purchased this bomb because of the lavender. Baths are my number one way (except for working out) to relax. I cannot wait to take a warm bath and relax in this product. I foresee wine, candles, and a good book in my future... Oh add chocolate covered strawberries. Who says you need an occasion to treat yourself?

Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb

I know this says it's for children, but it has lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood. Need I say more? As you can tell, relaxation is my main goal. Pharmacy and life can be stressful and you need to find time to unwind... so you can wind up again ;) I can't wait to drop this bot in a bath one stressful evening.

Yuzu and Cocoa Bubble Bar

Oh my gosh this smells amazing.

The bag of Lush products has been sitting in my room unused because I've been waiting for a time to photograph things before I washed them away forever. ;) Or until I buy more.  I'm pretty sure this is the amazing smell I smell every time I walk by.

Lush seriously needs to invest in making this a candle.

I would 100 of them. I'm seriously in love with this smell and plan to break it in half so I can enjoy it twice.

Ocean Salt Cleanser

I went back to this product 3 times before I decided to buy it. It smells so good but I was turned off by the price. I finally bought it and I'm so glad I did. It smells amazing and it cleansed my face well. My skin felt refreshed afterwards. I would like to note if you have sensitive skin, don't scrub too hard. It definitely got the dead skin off but it left my skin a little raw. I wouldn't recommend using it every day.

I'm not a 100% sure about the next 3 but I think they are as follows:

Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

Labeled as a "whirlpool of magnificently vibrant, sizzling color and a spectacular explosion of sights, sounds, and scents". Well, that just sounds amazing. I cannot wait to break open this dragon's egg. Poor baby dragon ;)

Butterball Bath Bomb

(Bottom left) This bomb is vanilla scented and I've always loved vanilla. It has cocoa butter which will be great when my skin is a little dry. 

Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

As you can tell I am bath bomb obsessed. Apple and cinnamon scented. Who can resist?

I apologize for not posting more about the products' smells but they are hard to describe over the internet. I hope you enjoyed my haul as much I did. I will try to figure out a way to post pictures/videos of them in action.