First Big Girl Job | Pharmacy Resident

I apologize for the radio silence. I had some VERY exciting news come in on Friday. My and a few of the amazing people in my life went out to celebrate that night, I was recovering the next night, and I went shopping and shooting (yes guns) Sunday. A haul is definitely going to be in the works this week.

Anyways, I'm behind. I finally did some laundry tonight. Unfortunately last night I think I sprained or broke my toe. It hurts to move so I haven't been doing much lately. And little Sophi had a seizure tonight. We (aka the vet) think she has a form of doggy epilepsy. It's pretty common and considering she only has a seizure once a year, there isn't much we can do for her. I will post more about all of the above later... but without further ado:

My BIG news.......... I was ACCEPTED as one of four Postgraduate Year One (PGY1) Pharmacy Residents at Saint Alphonsus in Boise, Idaho.

I found out Friday and was so freaked out all day. I didn't know what to do with myself. My amazing parents sent flowers to my work (pictures to come). Then we went out to eat at the {Bacchus Pub}. A bunch of friends, family, and co-workers met up with us for some drinks at another bar.

It was so amazing so many people came out just to celebrate and support my accomplishment. :)

A little more on my job and hospital. Read more {here}

"Saint Alphonsus Health System is a four-hospital regional, faith-based Catholic ministry with over 4,300 associates and a 950+ medical staff which serve 700,000 people in two states. Saint Alphonsus Health System is anchored by the only Level II Trauma Center in the region, Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, providing the most experienced care to the most critically ill patients. Centers of Excellence include: Cardiovascular, Neuroscience, Oncology, Orthopedics, Trauma & Emergency and Women's & Children's. "Also this hospital has towers.... "I'll just be in the North tower" -sounds awesome if you do it in a low, serious yet sarcastic voice "Postgraduate year one of pharmacy residency training is an organized, directed , accredited program that builds upon knowledge, skills, attitudes, and abilities gained from an accredited professional pharmacy degree program. The first-year residency program enhances general competencies in managing medication-use systems and supports optimal medication therapy outcomes for patients with a broad range of disease states."

I'm really tired so that's all for now. If you follow my journey, you will learn more about the hospital and a pharmacist's (my) job.

PS I took down the pictures I originally posted on here because I'm freaked out about getting sued. Above are my own pictures. I'd like to see myself sue ;)