As I type, the hash-tag #DearMe is trending on YouTube. People have been posting {videos} all day of advice they would give their younger selves.

YouTube explains:

"In celebration of International Women's Day, take part in YouTube’s global #DearMe initiative to inspire and empower young girls everywhere. We all know that growing up is tough. But if you could go back in time, what wisdom would you share with your teenage self? It all starts with two words. Dear Me."

I don't vlog so I've decided to bring #DearMe to blogging. Here goes nothing.

Dear Me...


  • Challenge yourself. This is crucial throughout life. I know how you are. You love social interaction yet you are completely terrified by it. Stop worrying about how other people might judge you and just do it. I can tell you this without a doubt... you make things out to be WAY worse than they are. You will not trip and fall and spill beer, or have a random heart attack, if you go out for a drink with friends. You are so scared, so paralyzed by your fears that you are missing out on life. Make a list of things you want to do... and get up right now and DO THEM. If you are horrible at something that makes you happy then do it again, and again, and again.

  • Appreciate the "real" people in your life... but realize they have their own issues. Love them anyway, because, they will always be there for you. One of the biggest challenges for you right now is your best friend. But I can tell you this, you don't talk to anyone from high school now except for her. You just had a pretty nasty fight; one of those fights that make you feel right then and there that things are ending... and you both came through it. She sometimes chooses guys over you, she makes questionably choices (in your eyes). But she NEVER, ever judges you. She understands you and although you will lose her at times, you always find your way back together. That's worth holding on to.

  • Enjoy life. Enjoy it. Take photos. travel. If you like a guy, ask him out. If he says no, say "Thanks" and move on. Join a sports team. Volunteer. Go skiing. Workout. Do anything and everything once if not a hundred times. Do not worry so much. Things work out; things ALWAYS work themselves out. You need to put in the effort but you can't control every detail. If it makes you happy, do more of it.

  • Stop obsessing over the "cool" kids. I know you know this, but the cool kids, well they aren't so cool anymore. Most of them didn't go to college and barely any made it as far as you. (You worked your butt off and are graduating with your doctorate, DOCTORATE, degree) A lot of them have kids and did and became everything you tried so hard to avoid. The cool kids... man I cannot state this enough.. well, they suck. Always and forever.

  • LET THINGS GO. I should have put this as number one. But I thought of it after the fact. This is the HARDEST thing you will ever have to deal with... and I can tell you right now, you still can't let things go. If a friend hurts you, you take it as the most offensive thing anyone could do. If you feel betrayed, you live it over and over again in your head. You don't forgive people and you don't forget.You can't forgive.And you need to learn to. Sometimes people are in your life because you need them there but then, like the ever-changing seasons, they fade. When you think about, you are still upset about things people have done to you throughout life. You need to hurt, be mad, be any emotion you want... but finally you need to accept things; move on. Forgive, Brianna, forgive. Forgive them and forgive yourself.Learn how to do this.

I want to note that as I write this advice, I realize I still don't listen to myself. Writing to my younger self is just as applicable to writing to myself now. You may have already picked this up.

I have all these great suggestions for making myself happy yet I'm still scared to stand up and demand my happiness.

I still fear yet love social outings. #DearMe is just as applicable as now as it would have been then. Lessons may be learned, but sometimes by human nature, we don't always follow our own advice.

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