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Last weekend I went a little crazy in {Ulta}. I had quite a few things on my "to buy" list so I finally went and bought them all ;)

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Virgin First thing I purchased was some {Urban Decay} eyeshadow. I use my {Naked 3 Palette} all the time and I've noticed that my lightest color, strange, is starting to wear.

I LOVE Urban Decay shadow because it stays on all day, it blends well, and it doesn't smudge

with my mascara or eyeliner, especially after a long day. I took a picture of it out of its case so you could see how big it actually is. It looks smaller when it's in its holder.

 Essie Nail Polish in flowerista and blossom dandy

I'm still extremely torn between Essie and OPI. But right now I am loving the bright spring Essie colors {here} and {here}. I bought these from their new spring line. I used both colors since purchasing them and I can say that the purple stays on WAY better. I wore it for 5 business days before it needed to be taken off. The blue only lasted 3. And I'm pretty hard on my nails. I think it has something to do with the chemicals.

Sometimes colors stay on great, others chip off right away.

EcoTools Brushes

I am OBSESSED with these brushes right now. In the past I've always used really cheap brushes and paid for it. They fell apart so easily. These brushes are super durable and super soft.I own a bunch of them which I will have to feature. If you are looking for a good brush that isn't too expensive, {EcoTools} is your answer!

Another great thing I didn't even notice in the store (sometimes I have anxiety and don't thoroughly look things over) is that my concealer brush is retractable. You pull the little plastic piece at the top over the brush then slide the lid on to avoid damaging the brush. I had never seen a protector like this... I was pretty amazed with I figured it out. ;) PS this is a secret picture of me wearing my new Essie color flowerista. I find it SO awkward and ugly to photograph your nails... I need to practice. Let me know if you have any good suggestions!

NYX and Benefit Lip Gloss

I have been searching the WORLD (exaggeration but you get my point) for a good lip gloss. Lip stick dries out my lips. I usually prime with EOS before and sometimes after but I will still have dry lips. Also when I use EOS after, it wipes away the color. I've been wanting a good finishing gloss with a tint of color and one that is NON-sticky. There is nothing MORE annoying than a sticky lip gloss. {NYX} and {Benefit} have been rated as some of the best non-sticky glosses out there. I bit the bullet and bought 3! So far, I LOVE them. I can wear them over the top of a cute lipstick or alone for a glossy pop of color. They are so much less sticky than any and every lip gloss I've ever had. I would definitely recommend them. When I was checking out the girl at the counter said she loves the NYX gloss for that reason. It made me feel a little relieved since I just bought 2 of them. 

From left to right

NYX butter gloss in vanilla cream pie

Benefit ulta plush in hervana

NYX butter gloss in maple blonde

Smashbox Blush Soft Lights in prism

My finally little bit of haul is misc. I noticed my blush was getting low and this {Smashbox} blush was 50% off so I thought why not. I haven't used it yet. Covergirl Concealer Ready, Set, Gorgeous in 105 fair (110 clair)

This is my favorite concealer for one and only one reason. I've tried pretty much every drugstore concealer yet this {Covergirl} concealer is the only one that is light enough and not yellow on my FAIR skin. If you have the world's lightest skin and haven't found a good concealer, TRY THIS ONE!

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Kajal Waterproof in 001 Black

I happened upon this one day when Rimmel London was BOGO-50 (buy one get one 50% off). I was originally turned on to {Rimmel London} by {Anna Saconne} and her love for {Airy Fairy}.

This eyeliner is the BEST I've ever tried.

I've again tried every drugstore and quite a few high end, including Urban Decay, eyeliners yet this is the only one I've found that lasts ALL day yet EASILY washes off at the end of the day. I love waterproof eyeliner yet I hate scrubbing it off at night. Non-waterproof eyeliner lasts about 5 minutes before it smears with my oily skin. Granted if I wear A LOT of this eyeliner with no eyeshadow at the end of the day it has smeared a little, but for more every day use, it lastsI don't think I will ever use another daily eyeliner again! ;) I don't like liquid because it get crumbly. Disclaimer: I love cat eyes and it's really hard to do with this eyeliner. It does rub if you have a tendency to touch