Outlaw Brewing in Bozeman, Montana

Today I met my best friend at a sort of new brewery in town. I've been feeling sick the last couple days. I was completely out of it, I felt lightheaded, and sort of disoriented. My mom think it's because I'm stressed and anxious about pretty much everything. 

I told my best friend how I was feeling. She suffers from anxiety too. So she decided I needed a girls afternoon out. We headed to Outlaw Brewing. It used to be in Belgrade, but they recently moved into Bozeman. 

I had a nitro stout which was pretty good. It's funny; I'm not an expert but I know what I am talking about for beers. She, however, does not. As I was walking in, I got this text from her: "It smells funny. I don't know anything about beer. What does it all mean?" I thought this was hilarious because I knew exactly what she was talking about. Hops do smell funny, and the % and IBU is a bit confusing at first.

Anyways, we had a good time. The beer isn't as good as Missoula (they have world famous beer Cold Smoke if you've heard of it).

I'm feeling a lot better. I have the next two days of working at home so I hope to accomplish some serious cleaning, blogging, catching up, photography, working out, and shopping.