What To Do in Downtown Boise, Idaho

Here are some shots from around the downtown area. As I said, I just wandered around and stopped in any store or location that seemed interesting.

The first place I went was the {art museum}. I wanted to get a move on the day but it was freezing out... I figured a little indoor education was just what my morning needed. They had a {Liu Bolin} exhibit that was AMAZING.

I was getting a little hungry... and thirsty for a stiff drink ;) so I headed to the main downtown area and stumbled across {Bodovino}. It was exactly what I was looking for, light food, and more. The basic concept is you put money on a card and slide it at any of their self serve wine stations. You can get a taste, a half glass, or a full glass of over 140 wines. The prices slightly vary but the wine is AMAZING. The owner actually used to live in Bozeman, where I currently live. I loved the place. I will definitely go back if I move to Boise... maybe even join their wine club.

I left Bodovino and walked a few blocks, stumbling upon {Bardenay} mostly because I had to go to the bathroom. I grabbed a seat at the bar and had a local beer. The bartender was SO nice. He chatted to me about Montana and things to do in Boise. I definitely felt at ease sitting at a bar alone ;) Such a great experience.

Since Boise is the "City of Trees" I figured I better post a tree photo. This was a gorgeous tree outside the art museum. The blue sky made for a great backdrop.

The remaining pictures are just some from around downtown Boise. I am pretty sure the theater is famous. Hope you are enjoying my little trip.