Gift Ideas for a New Born Baby

One of the things I did in Boise was stop by my friend's and see his new baby. It's so strange to think about how you meet people. I met Robert through Kappa Psi, which is the pharmacy fraternity (that women can join) I am a member of. Meeting him was kind of by chance. But it's been a great experience. He is a oncology pharmacist and great at what he does. He actually works at one of the places I applied to. I didn't apply because of him, and I have no idea if knowing him could or would or is affecting my chances of getting the residency, but it doesn't matter to me. He is a great friend, likes a lot of things I do (Kappa Psi), and I hope to know him for a long time. The great thing about knowing him professionally is that I can call him if I ever have a cancer medication (etc.) question. Anyways, as I am way off track, I will reign it back in (and yes I Google rein vs reign).

He and his wife, who I had not met but hope to maybe hang out with more in Boise, just had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl.

One of the things that my mom said was hard when she received gifts was everyone bought her newborn stuff. When I turned turns one, you have no clothes. So I bought this cute little family a range of clothing so she would always have something fun to wear throughout her first year. I bought all the clothes are {Target}. The first outfit (left to right) is 0-3 months, the next 3-6, and the last 12 months.... So CUTE.

Do you think this is a good idea? I'm not a parent so I don't know ;)