A Day in the Life of a Pharmacy Student

I'm going to overload you with photos because I haven't done my weekly iPhone review in 3 weeks :(

This is my cute little 'beast' Sophi begging for attention. Her lazy eye gets me every time. Seriously how cute is she?

The other day I went into work early so I could workout beforehand. I was going to workout before I left home but 6 am vs 7:30 am in the winter can mean the difference between working out and freezing to death. Plus I don't like walking in the dark. The hospital is sort of on a hill; of which, I walked to the top. Below is a view of Bozeman.. The university  is off to the left.

I'm posting random "selfies" just so you guys can see how I do my hair and makeup throughout the week. I like to do it a bit different each time. Another strange thing: now that I started wearing lip stick, I think photos without me wearing it is strange. I usually put in on the morning and don't reapply, but I think on more public outing days, I will keep applying it. I love the way it looks. My next purchase is going to be lip gloss to match the lipstick. Sometimes it's easier to apply (if you don't have a mirror) and a little bit more socially accepted...

My desk at work. I was working on a presentation. I use Post-It notes for everything... :) And a chai to keep me awake. I always get soo tired at 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

The sunrise the morning I went for a walk around my work. Breathtaking for sure.

Because graduating and interviewing is quite expensive, I've decided to start selling things I'm not using. Of these things are my pharmacy school books. So far I've made 200 dollars selling them... although they probably cost me 1

0 times that.

Cute and cuter, being cute. Sophi's classic "pet me" roll over.

My best friend Shayna and me enjoying some drinks downtown. We have been friends for 10 years.. I cannot believe it. Thick and thin we are always there for each other. Sometimes we wouldn't talk for months. Then we would get together and it was like we were never apart. We had a pretty big fight a couple months ago. I thought it might be the end for us. But we worked through it... and that's something I cannot say for any other relationship. I love this girl and I hope she continues to make good decisions for herself.

The hospital parking lot before the ciaos that is a hospital.

Sometimes at lunch, I go for walks. On days when I'm more anxious than others, walks help calm me down and burn off some of that extra adrenaline. There is a cemetery by the hospital that makes for a peaceful walk. You would think it would be creepy but actually I love reading all the tombstones.

One of the doctor's offices brought cupcakes to the pharmacy to thank us for continued support. There have been sooo many treats in the pharmacy. I bet I have gained 5 pounds in the last two weeks. I'm starting back on my less/no sugar diet. The more I eat sugary things, the more I crave them. It's a vicious cycle. I just need to cut them out. I also notice I crave sugar when I'm bored because it makes me tired. I need to start working out or finding projects when I'm bored instead of eating.

Bored at work. It's hard doing rotations because you are an extra for the staff. They don't always need you. And when all your projects are done, you just have to kill time because a certain amount of hours are needed. I wish I could leave early when it's slow and I'm caught up. I always have stuff at home I could work on.

That's the gist of my last three weeks. Mainly work, preparing for interviews, and hanging out with the dogs. I got some good workouts in and some much needed best friend time. I am going to focus on doing more fun, me things in the future. Less sitting at home binging on Netflix. I justify it because I have pharmacy residency interviews coming up. I say I don't have time to do other things... but I do. I need to find a balance because I will always have something going on. I will always be stressed and my life may never be "ideal". That's no excuse to waste time waiting.