Cleaning your Beauty Brushes

Happy December! This is for all of you who don't celebrate Christmas or just want a break from Christmas posts!

For the longest time I used sponge wedges to put on my foundation but after watching many tutorials online, I found brushes work much better.

I want to make a plug for the Ecotools line. The bristles don't fall out after repeated use, they don't absorb much of the product, and I pretty much love them.

Separately they aren't too bad, but to buy the whole line, it could definitely add up.

They are still much cheaper that some of the other lines that are out there. I would say they are middle of the line.

Before we headed to Cali, I washed my brushes. I store them in a pencil holder for easy access.

To wash them, I rubbed them in my hand with canola oil (I'm sure olive, canola, vegetable will all work the same). I removed the oil by using the same technique and Dawn dish soap. Then I put them on the edge of my window to dry and maintain there shape.