Styling Booties in the Winter

Today I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. Unfortunately I found out I have a couple cavities and I was dropped from my parents' insurance because of my age.

My cavities, through my dentist who I have been seeing for 20 years, are going to cost me $1000. I spent a large chunk of my day trying to find alternatives. Luckily because I am still a student, I should be able to get them fixed at the university for about a third to half the cost.

My only concern is the quality of work. I've been with my dentist forever and I've always been extremely happy with his work. Two of the cavities are bad, however. I was going to wait until I graduated, got a job, and had dental insurance, but the dentist insists I deal with them now. What a stressful day on top of worrying about job applications.

After I got my teeth cleaned, I headed to Indulgence to get a brow wax. It was well overdue. A bunch of the girls who worked there complimented my boots, sweater, and makeup so I figured I must share ;) I did my makeup a little different today because I knew I was going to get my eyebrows waxed.

By the time I got home, I had a horrible tension headache so I took some ibuprofen and napped for about two hours. Afterwards, my mom and I put the finishing touches on our Christmas tree.

I'm wearing

  1. Jeans: American Eagle

  2. Boots: Forever 21

  3. Shirt (tank top): Target

  4. Sweater: Apricot Lane. The brand is "Fate"

  5. Nails: OPI Alpine Snow

After that long day, I treated myself to a glass of wine while I photo edited and uploaded this post. Right now I am LOVING 14 Hands wine. The white blend is sweet enough but not too bitter. It's a great combination. Sometimes chardonnay is a little to dry for me but moscato is way too sweet. This option is a great option, especially for those who are new to wine.